Financing should not be a burden. Why should you be required to deposit up to a third of the purchase price in order to secure your purchase? We will finance the purchase of your walk-in with zero down payment (OAC). Payments could start as low as $74/month. Make your selection and finalize your options and make your purchase. Then one call to our toll free Easy Entry Bath and Shower Credit Approval Center will start the process. All personal information is strictly private: between you and the lender.

How do I apply for a loan?

What type of information will I have to provide in order to apply for a loan?

Why do you ask for personal references and/or emergency contacts?

Is my information secure? 

How long will it take to get a credit decision? 

Will Easy Entry Bath and Shower Ltd. get any of my personal information?  

What interest rates do you offer?

What is the term of the loan?

Can I pay my loan off early?

How are payments made for my loan?

Can I change the bank account which I am using for the automatic debit?

Can I make additional or larger payments to my loan? 

What are the different options available to me to make my payments on my loan?

Can I have automatic payments set up for weekly or bi-weekly payments?

Can I make payments via online banking?

Can anyone make payments on this loan? 

Can you take a payment today from the bank account you have on file for pre authorized payments?

Can I use a line of credit for pre authorized payments for my loan?

Are there any additional fees besides the interest rates

The application process is as easy as making a toll free call to our processing center. Our customer care representatives will take care of the application over the phone with you.

You will be asked basic information such as legal name, address, place of employment, and employment income. You do not need to provide your social insurance number or list all your loans and/or credit cards. 

In the unlikely event that something should happen and we cannot reach you we require alternate contact information. 

Yes. We will not share your information with anyone without your permission. 

The actual application process will take approximately 10 minutes. Your file will then be sent to a credit analyst who will get you the best rate possible. You will then be contacted by a credit analyst within 24 hours 

No. The only information Easy Entry Bath and Shower Ltd. will get is notification if you are approved or declined and if approved, the total amount we will fund to you. 

We offer rates as low as 7.99%. The rates you are charged are based on your credit history. Once your credit information is obtained a credit analyst will work with all our financial partners to get you the best rates possible. 

The term from our main lender is 10 years. But the loan is completely open so it can be paid out at any time without any penalty. 

Yes. The loan is completely “Open” which means you can make extra monthly payments, make lump sum payments anytime or pay the loan off completely without interest or penalty at any time.

Payments are made by automatic debit from the personal bank account of your choosing.

es. The loan is completely “Open” which means you can make extra monthly payments, make lump sum payments anytime or pay the loan off completely without interest or penalty at any time.  

You will be required to complete a new pre authorized debit form. You will then need to forward the completed form along with your void cheque or bank form to our office. We will update your file accordingly upon receipt of your information. Please be advised our office will require a minimum 3 business days’ notice to make any changes to your payments.

Yes, you can make additional or larger payments at any time. Our customer service group would be happy to help you with this.

Typically the easiest way for you to make monthly payments is via automatic bank debit. This makes payments automatic and worry-free. In addition, for supplemental payments or for missed payments you can pay via your bank’s internet banking services, by personal cheque, bank draft or money order.

Unfortunately, our processes and your payment authorizations for your regular loan payments can only be set up for monthly payments at this time. Supplemental payments can be made through most online banking programs and in most cases you can set up automatic payments to us for any amount and set the payment date of your choosing. Check with you bank to see if this service is available to you.    

Yes, you can. In most cases you can add our financial providers as a payee through your financial institution’s website.

Yes. Anyone can make a payment on the loan signer(s) behalf, but no authority over the loan or access to personal information (including the loan number) will be shared with anyone other than a signatory of the loan without express written permission from the loan signer(s).   

Yes, we can. The payment will be posted to your loan later today, and an electronic message is sent to your bank immediately, requesting that the payment be taken, but it can sometimes take up to three business days for the posting to show up in your bank account’s transaction record.

Unfortunately we cannot use a line of credit for pre authorized payments

There are no fees to apply for a loan.  You are subject to a $50 fee if the loan is paid out completely before 90 days.